Samskrita Bharati (संस्कृतभारती) is a non-profit organisation working to revive Sanskrit, also termed Sanskrit revival. Sanskrit was a pan-Indian language in Vedic time but lost its prominent place to spoken dialects in mordern India. Samskrita Bharati has its headquarters in New Delhi, and US chapter headquarters in San Jose, California. The International centre, "Aksharam", is located in Bangalore, India, and houses a research wing, a library,Publication division and an audio-visual Language lab for teaching spoken Sanskrit.


Chamu Krishna Shastry, A Sanskrit Scholar from Tirupati Sanskrit College along with his 5 friends after graduated in sanskrit came up with a unique methodology of teaching spoken Sanskrit through "Speak Samskritam" course with 10 day capsule classes of 2 hour duration. Within a short span of time this methodology became a trend blazer in the field of teaching Sanskritam (Note - Samskritam is also sometimes referred to as Sanskrit or Samskrit) which was already vanished from Indian dialect.This "Speak Samskritam" Movement took off in 1981 from Bangalore city and rapid spread of Spoken Samskritam classes all over the country paved way to establish "Samskrita Bharati" - a national level organization in New Delhi in 1995. lot of Simple Sanskrit books, tapes and CDs for learn practical conversations tools in Samskritam at various levels are developed systematically to allows new speakers to effectively use Sanskrit for conversations in a span of mere ten days.


The mission of the organization is bringing Sanskrit back to mainstream by making it a widely spoken language once again and to propagate the great scientific truths hidden in ancient Indian scriptures and manuscripts written in Sanskrit.


Samskrita Bharati is primarily a volunteer-driven organization, with volunteers from all walks of life spending time educating people to speak Sanskrit. They conduct weekend camps and yearly residential camps as well in many parts of the US and India, where the main focus is on imparting the language in spoken form (संभाषणसंस्कृतम्). Samskrita Bharati USA also offers | duurastha shikShaNam (दूरस्थशिक्षणम्)-- learning Sanskrit through correspondence, giving the student the unique opportunity to learn Sanskrit at their own pace and place.

A two week intense residential teaching program called Samvadashala (संवादशाला), is conducted in New Delhi, India every summer.

Samskrita Bharati also conducts competitions to encourage sanskrit learning amongst children. Source:

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