Mojikyo (文字鏡 Mojikyō?) is a set of computer software and fonts for enhanced logogram word-processing. As of October 2002, it collected 126,560/142,228 characters (CD-ROM/WWW version). Among them, 101,936/128,573 characters belong to the extended CJKV family [1]. Many of the characters are considered obsolete and not included in Unicode.

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The Mojikyo fonts were created as a method of providing a complete documentary of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters. It was created in order to provide an easy method to compile large selections of Chinese characters as well as Japanese and Korean characters. This is in addition to a large selection of various ancient scripts.

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Mojikyo fonts come in a series of zip files around 2–5 megabytes each and contain varying numbers of characters. Characters include the modern Latin alphabet, Russian Cyrillic as well as a variety of various markers most seen in the Arial font, in addition to various ancient scripts. All of this comes with a character map that allows the users to browse through their downloaded Mojikyo fonts, copying and pasting characters in lieu of not having the ability to easily type them on a keyboard.

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