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Mattur (also spelled Mathur, Matthur and Mathoor) (Template:Lang-kn, Template:Lang-sa) is a small village near the city of Shivamogga in Karnataka, southern India. It is on the bank of the Tunga River. In recent times, it has become known for Sanskrit learning. Most families in this village use Sanskrit as their daily language.

Another notable feature in the village is the study of Vedas and Vedanta. The vedanta school in the village is closely associated with Holenarsipura Trust and is supposed to be one of the rare schools where Shankara Vedanta is taught as it was originally enunciated by Shankara.

Mattur has a Rama Mandira, a Shivalaya, Someshwara temple and Lakshmikeshava temple

Mattur's twin village, Hosahalli, shares almost all the qualities of Mattur. Hosahalli is situated across the bank of River Tunga. These two villages are almost always referred to together.

Mattur and Hosahalli are known for their efforts to support Gamaka art, which is a unique form of singing and storytelling in Karnataka.

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