Kali is in many  ways  the  most powerful goddess aspect  of  Maa Durga Devi. She is seen by many Shakta's and Shaktism as the first being in the universe and her husband Shiva Deva  as the second . She is often depicted with four arms and holding a  scimitar, sword , and  a  demons head  in the other of whom she had slain. She also has a skull necklace or a necklace of heads and a number of arms around her waiste . She is also popularly depicted putting her left foot on Shiva as he in a tale  had  to  calm her down , causing her to stick out her tongue in  embarrassment thinking she killed her own beloved husband . After that Shiva reassumed his original form and went back to kailash with his consort. . On another occasion , Durga summoned her to help fight the demon , Shumbhasur and  they fought with his army as he and his army were going to attempt to kill her . Among them was two demons ,  Chanda and Munda . after they killed most of the army , the two demons rushed at the two goddesses but Kali killed them all. frought with fear the demonic hordes and army tried to flee but were stopped by the demon Raktabeej. When the two goddesses along with the other shakti's struck Raktabeej , his blood , which could duplicate and clone him , dropped to the ground , clones of his exact form would rise and fight them , Durga turned to Kali and said " Chamundi(Kali) , The only way we can kill this demon and his clones is if we prevent his blood from touching the ground ." Kali replied saying " Don't worry , not another drop of his blood shall stain this ground  again." So as Durga and the others struck him and his clones , Kali drank the blood putting it on her tongue and  killed him and them.